By - Sandi Webster

A Book is Your Business Card

In 2009, my business partner and I wrote our book because we were on the speaking circuit as successful business owners. We got asked the same questions all the time, and frankly, it became boring as our responses became canned. It was an Uh Ah moment for us. Many business owners were becoming authors for this reason – it’s a

The difference between a mentor and a sponsor
By - Sandi Webster

The Difference Between A Mentor and a Sponsor

  A common misconception small business owners have is the difference between having a sponsor and a mentor.  There will be the make-or-break business decision that calls for the guidance of a mentor and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that calls for a sponsor to recommend you.   As a small business owner, you need more than a mentor;   you also need a

Dream Team
By - Sandi Webster

Forming an Advisory Board: Finding the Dream Team Experts to Sit at Your Table

Why did I form an advisory board for my company? It’s not a complicated reason – I wanted help from a particular group of experts, my dream team, and couldn’t afford to pay them!      My business partner and I had some of the same skills and other skills were complimentary. We knew we were not experts in certain

Business Awards
By - Sandi Webster

How to Use Business Awards for Publicity and Public Relations!

I possess a talent for winning awards.  Yes, I’m an “awards junkie.” Is this a talent or a cultivated activity?  I believe it’s a little talent peppered with a lot of cultivated activity.  I have the marketing background to identify the awards that would be best for my company. However, I also deliberately plan what will happen before and after