The First with Dr. Sandi Webster Podcast

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9/28/23 | Episode #56

Kendra T. Allison - Speechologist

My guest, Kendra T. Allison, created her “first” when she was the first to leave home. Then she became a pathologist and created her private practice company, Speech Communication Services, PPLC. She now has an annual summer conference, The 8% Summit, that is the first of its kind – she brings BIPOC speech pathologists together to learn from each other.

9/14/23 | Episode #55​

Paul Lamar Hunter - The Success of The 19th Child

Paul Lamar Hunter is the blessed 19th child of the first woman in history who birthed 21 children by her husband–11 girls and 10 boys. His parents produced 63 grandchildren and 87 great-grandchildren. His mother was pregnant for 15 years in total, with about 6 weeks in-between pregnancies. As #19, His older siblings helped to raise and discipline him. He was the first to break a generational curse on both sides of his family-that curse was the lack of valuing the importance of education. He became the first to graduate from college, paving the way for the next 2 generations who have earned higher-level degrees. Read about it in his book, No Love, No Charity–the success of the 19th Child. Paul’s message is “Don’t magnify your circumstances, magnify your God!”

8/17/23 | Episode #54

Elena Arecco Bridgmon - Parenting Up, Parenting Down

Elena Arecco Bridgmon’s podcast,🎙️ Parenting Up|Parenting Down, has touched hearts and minds for two successful seasons, becoming a first by offering insights and strategies for all parents. Another first for her is introducing LUMO’s app – a revolutionary platform that empowers professionals, especially fellow moms, to transition seamlessly between their corporate roles and the joys of parenthood. 📲👩‍💼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

8/4/23 | Episode #53

Melissa Leon - Two Sense Consulting

Melissa Leon is a co-owner of Two Sense Consulting. They provide fractional CFOs to help business owners understand their financials and their reports to utilize them in making critical business decisions. She has also authored a book called Efficiency Bitch: How Ambitious Women Can Have It All Without Doing It All.

7/20/23 | Episode #52

Dr. Paulette J. Evans – The Efficiency Expert

Today, my guest is Dr. Paulette J. Evans of Evans Efficiency Experts, a process engineering company that supports business owners in implementing processes and procedures. She is the first in her family and friends to register her business, earn a doctoral degree, and get her Six Sigma black belt certification. She is an avid traveler who traveled to all 50 states before she turned 30 and was the first to travel to South Africa.

7/6/23 | Episode #51

Bird Mejia – Shaman Master

Bird Mejia is like no other. She is a shaman, and the first in seven generations to remove a generational curse of family trauma.

6/22/23 | Episode #50

Michael Rada – A Wasteless World

Meet Michael Rada. A human, who started his business career as a steel factory worker in 1990. Back in 2013, he invented and developed the systematic waste prevention methodology called INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING. He then started to implement it in the real business and industrial environment of Czechia. Two years later, INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING became the ground stone of INDUSTRY 5.0. All this from a man with no Academic Education, he is not a scientist, politician or celebrity. In spite of that, he has held webinars and talks at more than 450 Universities, Schools, and Zoom calls to help us create a wasteless world.

5/25/23 | Episode #49

Sheila Volante – Industry 5.0

Sheila Volante is on a mission to create awareness of Industry 5.0. The term Industry 5.0 refers to people working with robots and smart machines. It is about robots helping humans work faster by leveraging advanced technologies such as big data analytics. Sheila is a pioneer in this area and her passion for improving our current world for tomorrow’s leaders shines through in this podcast.

4/28/23 | Episode #48

LaTeasha Davis – Therapeutic Focus

From a little girl with a speech impediment, LaTeasha is now the CEO of Therapeutic Focus, she is the first black female to create a pediatric therapy clinic in her Crittenden County, Arkansas town. She is the first entrepreneur in her family to have a 21-employee company and the first to pursue a doctorate degree.