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8/31/23 | Episode #4

How To Be Strategic

Unlock Success: Strategic Financial Planning for Maximum ROI provides valuable insights into strategic financial planning. Dr. Sandi Webster’s advice is to establish a personal connection with other entrepreneurs on current trends including personal finance.

8/31/23 | Episode #4​

The Art of Negotiation​

🎙️ Unleash Your Negotiation Prowess! 🤝💼 In the latest podcast episode, @Dr. Sandi Webster and @Audrey Lloyd cracked open the art of negotiation. 🌟 Join us as we dive into expert insights on mastering the negotiation table. From strategic approaches to effective communication, this episode is your roadmap to securing those win-win deals. 📊

6/8/23 | Episode #3

How Do You Talk About Change

Our Primer Chat today discusses how our lives are changing with each day. How do we talk to our employees, our family, and friends about the constant change?

5/15/23 | Episode #2

Coach & Advisory Board: Accelerate Your Takeoff To The Next-level You

Dr. Sandi Webster and Audrey Lloyd discuss how coaching and having an advisory board can help business owners grow and sell their businesses. Both Dr. Sandi and Audrey are coaches. Dr. Sandi helps women form advisory boards to gain outside perspectives to scale and, ultimately, exit their businesses. Audrey is a long-time change management expert and coaches individuals and teams to affect change in corporations.

3/16/23 | Episode #1

Remember Your C's

When interviewing, remember your C’s. Capability. Confidence. Concern. Command. Communication. Curiosity. Candor. Character. Charisma. Consistency. Change.