Sandi Webster


My Courses

Why am I doing courses for business owners? Aren’t there already enough educational opportunities? I'm asked these questions all the time.

It’s simple - I can impart pithy wisdom to founders from my laptop! LOL.

Seriously, I’ve delivered numerous workshops and keynote speeches in the past 20 years. Until 2020, they were all in person. The technology boom of working from home elevated my platform to include online audiences worldwide. So, I turned a popular course, “How To Form An Advisory Board,” into a pre-recorded class!

Here are a few reasons why courses, mainly pre-recorded ones like mine, make sense.

1.  We have different learning styles. When in person, if the course

material is taught too fast, you lose some students. If the course

is slow, others become bored. Pre-recorded, online courses allow

students to be flexible and move at their own pace, regardless of

the time.

2.  Remote learning and multi-tasking are all the rage! We exist in

an “anytime, anywhere” economy. It’s irrelevant if someone is

sitting in another country – it’s the content that matters. When

working from home, to make your breaks pleasant, plug into my

online course.

3.  Social anxiety is nonexistent at 2 a.m. when you’re completing

worksheets while everyone else is sleeping – you don’t worry

about being in a classroom with people more intelligent than


I’m creating courses that I wish someone had recommended to me. I’m giving you step-by-step instructions of what to do…and I’m giving you worksheets…and I’m inviting you to come on my Live Sessions to ask questions. Yes, you MUST do the work.  but it’s at your own pace over 60 days.

If you still need help after taking a course, you can feel comfortable that you can receive further assistance with our Coachsulting package of either one-on-one coaching or my done-for-you model. I hope these courses impact your lives and influence how you make decisions about your business and personal lives.


IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD FEEL LIKE…to be in a room with experts who are focused on solving your business’ challenges! It’s Possible To Have This Feeling Of Camaraderie All The Time!… Your own sounding board! Your own accountability team! I had that in my business. I had an advisory board, and it changed my business for the better. It also changed me – I became unafraid to ask for help.

What’s stopping you from having an advisory board?

Well, I asked you, and you told me.  You knew you should have one, but you didn’t know what to do when you got one!

That’s why I created this course just for you – “How To Form An Advisory Board.”

I am taking the experience with my advisory board, coupled with sitting on other advisory boards, and I’m transferring that knowledge to you.

In this online course, you will learn how to get help from experts in their fields by understanding:

  • Why you need an advisory board
  • The benefits of having an advisory board
  • How to recruit, select and engage board members
  • How, and what you need, to manage your board meetings

During the course, I will walk you through every step of the process.

First, you follow my detailed instructions to complete the course and worksheets online to get a certificate of completion.

After completion, you can attend two (2) Live Sessions to ask me, and your peers, your questions.

Register for my course, “How To Form An Advisory Board.”