By - Sandi Webster

Creating the Seats at Your Table!

What the company does?   Sandi Webster LLC coaches small business owners to form advisory boards that help scale their businesses with a focus on increasing EBITDA towards a successful exit. Business owners learn the difference between a board of directors and an advisory board through an online course or one-on-one coaching. The Current Landscape   In the current pandemic

By - Sandi Webster

Tips for a Great Advisory Board Retreat

Your advisory board members only get together a few times per year.  That’s not enough time for them to get to know each other.  Regular interaction allows them to understand how each other can best contribute to your company.  Having a retreat gives them the time to communicate in a social setting.     Pick a place Select a place

Your Personal Advisory Board Featured Image
By - Sandi Webster

Your Personal Advisory Board

I help business owners create advisory boards – we all know about a company having an advisory board, but do you know that individuals can create a personal advisory board to get them to a particular goal? Yes, you can.  An advisory board is simply a group of people whom you have selected to get you to that goal you’ve

Dream Team
By - Sandi Webster

Forming an Advisory Board: Finding the Dream Team Experts to Sit at Your Table

Why did I form an advisory board for my company? It’s not a complicated reason – I wanted help from a particular group of experts, my dream team, and couldn’t afford to pay them!      My business partner and I had some of the same skills and other skills were complimentary. We knew we were not experts in certain