There were times when I was stuck with an issue – big or small – and didn’t know where to turn. My advisory board was an excellent place to discuss business issues, but what if I wanted to talk about my business partner at the board meeting? Or, if I had family members who sat on my board?

Don’t you wish you had someone to give you critical advice? Well, that’s what I’m here to do. I’m not just a talker – I help you get stuff done – exploring options and making concrete decisions.

Coachsulting sessions are a safe place to work on you, your business, or your advisory board. Customize them to your needs. Understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long-term success. The quicker you’re able to be coached through the process, or outsource your board management, the quicker your business will grow…

And, I have designed several options for these limited opportunities for you to get help before closing my sessions:


Done-For-You Individual Coachsulting Sessions are a mix of advice and real problem-solving sessions that are designed for short-term assistance.  Present your issue in advance by completing an Intake Form.  Then, we work together to understand possible solutions.

HOURLY BLOCKS – Purchase blocks of 4 hours, depending on your need.

  • Sprint – 1 hour every week for four (4) weeks.

If you have an immediate issue on which you need to focus, these problem-solving sessions are a mix of brainstorming and getting factual information to resolve the issue. Walk away with possible solutions.

  • Pacer – 1 hour every two (2) weeks for eight (8) weeks.

Your problem might need researching or is too big and will require breaking down into smaller chunks. Meeting every two weeks allows us to do primary and/or secondary research towards your issue resolution.


Distance blocks are perfect for mixing both short and long-term strategic planning sessions with tactical execution ones.  Combine up to 3 sessions into a 3-hour workshop on a specific topic such as leadership, sales, human resources, marketing, or working on your advisory board.

  • Hurdle: 12 sessions – just enough sessions to get you over the rough spots
  • Relay: 24 sessions – you can handoff from individual sessions to workshops
  • Marathon: 48 sessions – take it slow; you’re in it for the long haul


Advisory Board On Call is the complete Done-With-You package from helping you select your board to quarterly management. So, to take board management off your plate for good, we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that, then this isn’t for you.

Board Setup

  • Review and edit invitation letter
  • Help identify board members
  • Create your board member profiles
  • Review if your board needs new members
  • Help to vet new board members
  • Create presentation template

Board Management

  • Organize and facilitate board meetings

--Ensure meetings are scheduled for the year

--Manage reminders for quarterly financials submission at least two weeks before the board meeting.

--Populate presentation template for a board meeting

  • Draft board newsletter

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