By - Arvin Cielo

Breaking Through the Noise: Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Startups

In the vast social media landscape, startups often struggle to be heard amidst the digital din. The challenge is real, but so are the opportunities. Effective social media marketing is not just a luxury; it’s necessary for startups aiming to carve a niche in today’s competitive market.   We cannot overstate the importance of well-crafted strategies. This blog will delve

By - Sandi Webster

Mastering Advisory Board Management: Key Components for Success

Advisory boards are a critical component of many successful organizations. These collections of experienced professionals offer a wealth of knowledge, provide guidance on critical issues, and generate strategic insights to drive a company forward. However, creating an advisory board is just the beginning – to truly unlock its potential, effective management of the advisory board is necessary. Like a well-oiled

By - Sandi Webster

Why Advisory Boards Fail: Poor Communication

Effective communication is crucial for success in any business venture, but it’s especially important for advisory boards. When communication breaks down, it can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and ultimately, failure. Unfortunately, poor communication is a common problem on many advisory boards. By identifying communication challenges and implementing strategies to overcome them, board members can work together more effectively and achieve their goals.

By - Sandi Webster

Scaling Your Business

Are you, business owner, feeling stuck at the same revenue level? Are you ready to quit your business because you just know you can’t take it to the next level –whatever level that is? Well, there are things that you can do to grow your business, whether it is a 25% increase in revenues or to 10x it! Here are some “we-have-proven-they-work” tips from Grant Cardone in his 10X Business Challenge, along with my common sense ones.

By - Sandi Webster

Systems you need to grow your business

Unless you are a lifestyle business, you want to scale – a little or exponentially. Many business owners do not know they need to put systems in place to have repetitive sales, retention of employees and tracking their billing. Why do you need to have a system, and not just any system, but a process-driven one? A step-by-step system allows