What Do You Think A Caregiver Looks Like?
By - Arvin Cielo

What Do You Think A Caregiver Looks Like?

I’ve been a caregiver for over fifty years of my life. Yes, that is true, and I will most likely continue to be a caregiver until someone has to take care of me! Who is a caregiver? Per Webster’s dictionary (no relation!), a caregiver or carer is a paid or unpaid member of a person’s social network who helps them

By - Sandi Webster

Flexible Work Arrangements: The New Normal

Since the pandemic, most unessential workers work from home half the time. Companies are embracing a flexible or hybrid schedule willingly or unwillingly. Employees are leaving their in-person jobs for ones that offer flexible work arrangements. They want ones where they go into the office one day per week, or everyone comes in on the same day once per month