The First with Dr. Sandi Webster Podcast

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4/22/23 | Episode #47

Mss. Francois - The Mss Francois Show

Mss. Francois, A show all by herself! Hear how this multi-talented Trinidadian woman came to America at 17 with nothing, became homeless and carved a way for herself without stopping to breathe.

3/2/23| Episode #46

Hasina Echoles – The Speech Master

Hasina Echoles is the first in her family to attend college and start a business. Listen to how she became a speech-language pathologist and one of the first to move her speech services from in-person to online during the pandemic, providing convenience to parents.

2/16/23 | Episode #45

Monica Smiley – Enterprising Women

23 years ago, Monica Smiley launched Enterprising Women, a global magazine that was the first to be owned by a woman and featured women-only entrepreneurs. She and her husband were among the first couples to have an open adoption in the US, and she was one of the first in the US to undergo an innovative surgery for scoliosis to straighten the curvature in her spine.

2/4/23 | Episode #44

Sandi Webster – Creating Your Future

End January with me, Dr. Sandi, as I walk you through creating a vision board for 2023. About 15 years, I though a vision board was one of those “fru-fru” things people do to keep busy or to meet the goal of having a goal. Not only did I create a board but competed with myself to meet all the SMART goals. Strategizing the goals is even more important than creating the board. If you would like to create a vision board for you or your team, reach out to me at

1/5/23 | Episode #43

Samantha Williams – Entrepreneurship Adventure

Samantha Williams is a Queens, NY ex-corporate woman who is the first serial entrepreneur in her family and has 5 businesses geared toward helping black female entrepreneurs.

She belongs to several groups and was the first to have a billboard on Broadway twice! She created a black women’s golf tournament, Queens of the Green, her tournament is on 9/15/23 in New Haven. CT and I’m putting it on my calendar. And she tailgates at a golf-event!! She’s the first to have a trunks-open, tailgate party in a parking lot for a golf outing.

12/8/22 | Episode #42

Precious Williams – The Killer Pitch Master

Learn from Precious L. Williams, Killer Pitch Master! She wrote four #1 bestselling books to become the first black woman outside of entertainment and sports to have 2 billboards in Times Square for business books.

11/25/22 | Episode #41

Keisha Rivers – How She Did It

Keisha A. Rivers is the Chief Change Officer at the KARSGroup. She was the first child and only girl in her family. She set the pace for her siblings with these firsts: high school honors grad, attended a 4 year college, and graduated from an Ivy League School (Wharton). Then she pursued entreprenuership full-time, spoke on TEDx, and published books. You can reach Keisha at and on LinkedIn at Let’s hear how she did it!

10/27/22 | Episode #40

Sandra Eberhard – President & CEO WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV

Sandra Eberhard discussed being the first in her family to be bussed to school in a different neighborhood when she moved from Harlem to their new home in Throgs Neck, NY. She was also the first to finish high school and college, traveled throughout Europe as a teenager, and ascended to management and C-level positions at work.

10/14/22 | Episode #39

Andrew Frazier – The Small Business Pro

Two-time author, Andrew Frazier, is a small business coach and the first to bring the small business owner’s POWER Breakfast to Newark, NJ over 10 years ago. His firsts include being the firstborn, completing high school, joining the Navy, graduating from MIT with an engineering degree, and getting married among his friends.

8/29/22 | Episode #38

Adonica Black – Cancer Survivor

To survive a deadly brain cancer at the age of 14, Adonica Black’s surgery was performed by none other than the world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. She only went up from there. She became an attorney at 24 and now holds the title of Director of Global Talent Development and Inclusion at LexisNexis.

9/16/22 | Episode #37

Maureen Borzacchiello - The Real Talk Podcast

Podcaster Maureen Borzacchiello from The Real Talk with Maureen Borzachiello has a long list of notable firsts, including being the first of seven children and growing her business to over $1 million. She and I rang the bell together at the NY Stock Exchange where we were a part of the first all-woman team in the history of the Stock Exchange to do so.

8/18/22 | Episode #36

Judy Arazoza - Midlife Strength Trainer

Judy Arazoza started Grateful Fitness as a form of self-help to manage her own mid-life health and nutrition as well as over 50 adults. She places a high value on weight training and making sure women are strong.  Judy coaches women on body image and treating their bodies in a respectful manner versus hating them, punishing them, and feeling shame.

8/4/22 | Episode #35

Audrey Lloyd – Rein in Your Mind and Your Career

Audrey D. Lloyd was the first Senior Class President at Central High School in Springfield, MA, and the first to pledge to The Exquisite Xi Nu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ( Western Massachusetts). As an ex-corporate exec, she was the first in her family to take the entrepreneurial route as an independent consultant. 

Audrey is now the proud author of Bold: Rein in Your Mind, Reign in Your Career, a book about mindset, finding your authentic self, and stepping into your personal power. She found her power in being a change management and business transformation expert and an ICF-credentialed executive coach, speaker, inventor, futurist, and universal citizen.  

7/21/22 | Episode #34

Alundas Havens - T he Alpha Influence Media

After getting kicked out of his home during high school, Alundas decided to join the United States Marine Corp to get some discipline back into his life. He got to a prestigious Enlisted Rank 6 position when he tore his cartilage and had to rethink his life. 

At 23, he used his Veterans Affairs (VA) loan to become the first in his family to get a house. While going through a tough transition from the military, he listened to an Underdog Empowerment podcast with Zachary Babock that changed his life. He decided to start a podcast and work for himself – another first in his family to become an entrepreneur! 

His Alpha Influence Media now helps people recalibrate their mindset when they want to make a change but don’t know where. Now, he’s back in college getting ready to graduate using his GI bill and thinking about getting a doctorate!

7/7/22 | Episode #33

Jasan Julius - King of Coffeejunkiez and PizzaJunkiez

Jasan Julius has spent the last 17 years pursuing his potential and vision of building Coffee Junkiez & Pizza Junkiez into national brands, a dual-brand food, and beverage concept under one roof. He is currently located in Indiana and has turned this brand into a national franchise opportunity. Starbucks’ success inspired him for more than a decade before he took action; however, he only started his entrepreneurial journey six months after his son died from cancer. He is looking for people in the mid-West to expand in the area and then franchise and scale.

He desires to run a congruent path of championing small businesses and bringing them into his billion-dollar master plan and legacy. His podcast, The Jasan Julius Files, is focused on helping small business owners. You can find him at – he’s always looking for guests.

4/16/21 | Episode #32

Shannon Wilkinson - Online Reputation Management

Shannon Wilkinson was among the first in the industry to establish an online reputation management (ORM) firm. Now, after more than 20 years in business, Shannon is a nationally recognized expert in digital reputation management. She is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal’s “Crisis of the Week” column.

She is the author of Reputation Reboot: What Every Business Leader, Rising Star & VIP Needs to Know. After becoming the first in her circle of friends to start a business, Shannon continues to share her knowledge by publishing extensive thought-leadership to educate the greater public and new prospects about how Google and online reputation management work.